Teaching Evaluations

“One of the few classes I wish was longer.”

“What most contributed to my learning? Jenny. Her enthusiasm and laid back yet extremely informative teaching style really helped me to feel comfortable in the class.”

“You changed my English experience completely. Thank you for an excellent class. Definitely my favorite teacher I’ve had in a long time.”

“Probably the first English class of my life that I’ve enjoyed.”

“I thought this would be easy. It was not at all easy, learning how to articulate and express emotionally charged info has given me tools that will likely change my life.”

“Jenny is extremely well researched and intelligent, and is not intimidating at all. I felt like almost everyone participated.”

“Jenny did a great job pinpointing valuable lessons in writing and teaching them effectively through examples. I’m very sad this class is ending.”

“Jenny was very sensitive to different learning atmospheres and the variety of things that work for students by having a mixture of small group, large group discussion, online postings and one-on one meetings.”

“Jenny really encouraged the class to push their creative limits and test their boundaries.”

“The exercises done in class made me re-think concepts I thought I already knew.”

“Jenny is an awesome teacher, and I learned a lot. She was very fun and outgoing, too.”