15 Ways You Know You’re an Introvert

Super Bowl Parade in Seattle1) A colleague from Seattle sends you a photo of the Super Bowl celebration—hundreds of thousands of people fill the streets. Just looking at this photo gives you heart palpitations.

2) You get a chain email asking you to forward it to 20 of your closest friends and associates. You don’t even know 20 people, let alone have 20 friends who would forgive you for sending them a chain email. You forward the email to the 10 people you do know (including your entire immediate family) and hope that no one ever finds out.

3) Your hair stylist tells you she’s getting married in a few months. You’re making conversation, so you ask about the guest count. She’s going to have 250 people there, she says nonchalantly. You couldn’t hire that many people to show up at your wedding. Read More »